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Related article: Date : Sun, October 30, 2005 13 40th 51 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Case No : Brother 2 Brother Chapter 15 Brother 2 Brother ns By Michael Martell CHAPTER 15 : Eric, Jermaine, Noble n the phone in the hotel room, woke me from a sound sleep. I put watching on the phone, hate to wake me and the Pthc Lolitas person from the track and said it would depend on its purpose. I tired. I had danced all night, drunk and with a bullet in Pthc Lolitas Chicago big time. Finally, the phone stopped ringing, and I closed my eyes n and began drifting back to sleep until the phone rang again. This was damn ridiculous. He was about to answer when someone comes through n and answered the phone. " No, he's asleep. Yes, I said I would, I call you. Well, we have a long night in the city. Yes, I know. Yes, I know. Yeah, sure I'm going to it arrives. goodbye, " I put it without looking, I do not Pthc Lolitas do yet. I knew I had answered n the phone and had a good IDEone who was at the other end, and what the conversation was about. I felt that I sit on the bed and gently touching my ​​back and shook me gently, as he called my name. ", what is noble? " I sighed, I do not wake up. " Karen was on the phone. " " Oooh wonderful. Let me guess, she was not happy ? " " She is worried. She wants to ensure that when a book signing yn of their show at the local talk show and talk, you must enter the n at university... " struggled to sit up in bed and I have tried to hide the anger on my face was a face I had been using a lot lately. Noble was not impressed with , highlighted by her. "My God, do you think I am ? A robot? I'm tired, too tired to be do anything today. " I complained. " Nobody made ​​him stay up all night shaking your ass on the dance floor, drink and exercise n ". I did not like clay Noble. He said to is the truth, but I liked the tone. I began to know why or even convinced that KarenNoble took the tour continued with me to keep to me time and the straight and narrow. The truth is that after Atlanta n and shit going on between Jermaine and I, that I wanted and needed to Noble. There was something in him that comforted me, and yes, have sex kind to me ! Perhaps it was the most professional, which could have done, but leaving Noble was not an option now, but at this time was ready Revistes this term. " You know, I was not alone in this dance dance your ass even drink or burning of trees in the men's room. Well, if you say, tell all and all the characters. " broke me. Noble looked at me and then smiled, and I found myself smiling back. Noble was doing n to me and I had no idea how or why. , which puts me a day to see what happens. According to Noble and I was in close n Atlanta, I went to him and with him, deal with the pain Jermaine treason. We were again, that was it. I had not sPoken le from the last time, and that he had called and calling and calling. When Karen told me that was my next stop after Chicago, now approached him with the idea of ​​traveling Noble with me. They fought against the in the first place. But I told him that kept me healthy and in Atlanta in time better than Miss Jaime and he took the opportunity and I needed someone to with the trip to me, something lonely and maintain irresponsible. She agreed, probably more than a desire to get out of me the phone and I on the tour. Noble jumped at the opportunity to travel me s despite their lack of knowledge and experience relevant to what I needed. I assured him that everything would be fine. the following next thing I knew we were in Chicago, where for two days... Well, now day before us on the road to the west. " Then get up and move or what? " Noble asked me how to his hands on her hips. Damn, was a sexy Brotha Can not I'T want to to do everything but get to work with Noble. I wanted last night, but were burnt and drunk to function. Now I was in the mood and Noble that was right for me. A weary look crossed his face. " I know that look," Noble said with a smile, "all hot, right? " pulled the sheets down, so I could see it was Pthc Lolitas me. His smile was the face of his s that I was there I can play with my hard cock. He stood there and looked sexy licks my lips thick. " stand Eric Aight man, we have to leave," he said. " We have a lot of time. " I said as I stroked my penis. I did well and I might say, speaking of the bump that I wanted. "Eric, man, stop playing himself out of bed, "' Noble protested, as he went near the bed, still licking his lips. I was tired of the games. E n of bed and grabbed Noble, pulled him into a deep kiss, passionate his return. Oh, he knew how to kiss and when we kiss wandering hands to each other about their bodies. My penis was so hard hurts and precum flowed. I pulled the clothes Noble, while fighting for their n clothing. When he was completely naked, put him in bed, and ate it with kisses and then swallowed his cock like a hungry man. " Ahhh shit... sucking cock suck that fat baby... " lamented Noble. My lips, mouth s tongue went to work the thick tail. Her hips moved in circles and , as it was one of the things I know I did my best. " Ooh Yeah, suck, suck... DICK ! " Noble said in his hands better top of my head to face fuck me. "MMMMMM... you give good head... damn baby... damn it... " Suddenly Noble pulled out of the tail on him and me, pressed body against me and his throbbing cock in my body when I kissed n and desecrated my body. It felt good, no, he was very good! I was ready for what my ​​legs and lifted my ass. I wanted him to fuck me like no morning. I was not thinking about my performances, the tour, nothing. All I wanted to was, NobRobinson damn brain. Noble has the touch, as was of lubricants and condoms, and before I knew I unplugged as the Red Sea and was deep in me. I felt his cock in me and how it went and did one, I moaned, groaned and enjoyed the experience of all. As he lay there, damn legs in the air, the image of Jermaine another man came into my head. The bastard had taken my heart, and love me and broke into pieces. I shook my mental image of the head n I in the presence and Noble bothers me back. Her moans in my ears, lips kissing my neck, my face, my lips. It was fast and furious, hot n and sexy. Me jacking my cock while working in the ass. All you young of energy that had led him again and again. I did not want to stop, I have want this feeling to end. " Yes.. yes... no longer do that shit......... Noble do not stop... " I cried. My ass was burning out of his cock and my cock trembled and ot explode. Damn Noble. Fuck me Noble. I love Noble. shit fucked me big time. I was the best thing to happen to me my ​​life and let some stupid insecurities and jealousy and envy in the form. I have no confidence in my relationship and love of Eric and his s love for me. I do not know why. No, that's a lie, I know why. I damn scary. Is that an excuse to cheat? I do not know, honestly, do not know. All I know is that Eric found out later, damn, that Curtis looked damn answer my damn phone, opened my eyes as , he had lost. I had lost a friend and love. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to explain. I wanted to fix it, but did not refer to I did not return my calls or anything. If I could explain, could n right. We were able to fix it, perhaps? I had to try. I had to try. So I took some personal time away from work, was not liked by all , but when I told them I needed to deal with some things, and I could personal time or Resign. Not like the last option. Then I started trying to track down Eric n below. I knew that if he did his agent, Karen, it's OK Saber, or perhaps not even give me the information. Since his book tour is a great thing was that it was difficult, the next layer. Chicago, but now had to find out where he was staying in Chicago. Again, a bit of work I found out what hotel he was staying and happiness that is was the same hotel chain, the company uses to get a room booking at the last minute was not a big problem. As soon as I I knew I could know what the room was Eric in. It's amazing what a nice smile , one could convincingly and fifty dollars for you. So I was here directly in front of Eric hotel suite. I was so proud of him, and realized I never told you, I know that I never showed in my heart dass.. who shared with him. He had friends and seemed to s all the support they needed. He did not say, but actuallyno s that I needed, wanted. I grabbed big fuckin time. Suddenly I got scared. No, what was wrong. I can not call a the door and say we need to talk. I should have called. Should I call and , let her know I'm in Chicago and is not willing to leave it. I am willing and ready to fight for it, for us. What we have is special n and can survive. " I can help you, sir ? " The voice interrupted my thoughts and scared me. I I looked to see an attractive, light-skinned brotha bring the hotel s logo on his polo shirt to me. As he approached I saw his name sewn into the shirt. ` Angelo. " " What? "I wondered how I recovered. N " Need help ? " Angela asked as a room key card from from his pocket. He must have thought I had big problems. I I said no, but before I knew it was true, and Angelo said with a smile in the face opened the door and wished me a good day when you tipfive dollars. I entered the hotel suite. It was beautiful, was luxury n and it was great. I smiled, my son was worth it all. It should have been here with him. He wanted me to go with him, but I have licks her ass outdoor excuse why he could not go on tour with him, if he had to do it. N had vacation time so I have made this tour over with him. We have in common, which should have been in the bedroom now make love. When I heard groans and cries of the bedroom. My first thought was, I was wrong in the room. I looked up the paper, that the employee had at the reception gave me the number on their n and was the same in the door. I heard the groan of a man fucked up and realized that I complain. Were my feet before I body can respond and as I stood in the doorway of the room, I Eric in the king size bed, caught by a young cat. I could not my ​​eyes. My fists clenched, aFirst, before I knew I was in the room and punched all the young punk in the head backwards. I heard him scream and screaming and cursing. I was aware that someone hit me back is clear that it was to defend the young cat. How could he do this to Eric me! Here I felt bad and sad. I came to Chicago to do right and was caught by a young cat. What the hell. was about Nutt was, I was there and so noble. My eyes closed, and waited. The last I heard a pop and I thought it was damn never heard is a sound of Sun Nutt However, if Noble fell to me and shouted opened my eyes. I was shocked and surprised to see Jermaine are Vibra Noble and connect. I started screaming, like a noble again and began to fight. They were not like a battle MAD two men. The punches were connecting and things were there, it looks bad. I picked up the phone for help, but stopped. That was all I needed was hotel staff see my ex in the fight with a naked man who just do love for me. I had to do something. I got out of bed and have most of the dangerous thing anyone could do. I have to fight between two men. E n all I could until it finally broke. Noble, not no idea who this man who robbed him, looked at me as if I were a foreigner. Jermaine was panting and crazy as hell, as if a n right. "What the hell is all this! " Jermaine roared like a lion. "nigga what the fuck are you? " Noble yelled, still ready to rumble. " I am your mothafuckin 'man, that's who the hell I am!" Oh, no, I Set some straightening. Pthc Lolitas " You're wrong, you're my ex! " I gasped and looked like it had entered Jermaine him in the balls. " I? I like that you can replace," said Jermaine snap with a finger. I looked to know that he was not. " Oh, yes, as it Pthc Lolitas was replaced in! " I grabbed my fingers. JerMaine stared at me. What was in his eyes and his face was away from love at this time. N " See what had happened... " ", Jermaine, " he said, " I do not want anything to hear that. What I want is that and let to get off I was alone. " Jermaine not believe what he said. Noble looked and then return to me. "For me that was what you wanted? You were on this tour, so You could get with all that walking?" had called me a bitch, but before answering noble was doing. "You better check yourself before me, that ass beat again. " Jermaine teased Noble, "Yeah mothafucka can do everything, but I know all about. You his piece was ready and waiting for the time Eric was gone, so you might to be wrong with your ass! "n " You do not know shit! "Jermaine snapped. " I know more than you think, bitch. I was the one who had to keep right when he called home and said to his new tail. " Twisted Jermaine to me, her eyes burn, " you said ? " " Yes. I said. If not for him this journey would be over Atlanta. " " Atlanta? "Jermaine said Noble, " he was with you in Atlanta. That were in the black of the world in Atlanta, and have the value the hot for me the first time you get cheated ? " " AHHHHH course not! NO, DO NOT GO THERE FUCK! " I screamed. I got Jermaine 's face, and he took a step back. " Let me tell you something ass Pthc Lolitas motherfucker you regretted. Nobles and never had a peep until after n I called her piece and answered our call to action, while running the damn n to display. Never been so hurt and angry in my life. I was thinking of n where some crazy things, but nobly was there and kept me healthy. Pthc Lolitas "I looked at Noble, who was still standing there naked and angry. " He was there for me and therefore we have to have sex, shit, we need to love and that was what I s needed and wanted, because my heart hurts so much and more. You're hurting me, You fooled me... "Jermaine was in my power, and said that" touch me. They have no right. You are not entitled. " " Bab... Eric, I can explain, we must speak of I... " " We can not do anything. You need to leave Jermaine. We finished. By. "It looked Jermaine was heartbroken. What the hell was going to ? Come here as if s he who had been surprised that I'm wrong. " Just so, we are ready as they say. " I shook my head :" No, because you said it. I cheated. She had a different nigga down to our world. In our lives. They have done this. I do not. "N " I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to explain, " " Explain ? Explain what? To feel how nice the ass. Or fuck ? " ", Eric... "Jermaine looked like he was in pain. I know that his body ached n because your eye, where he punched noble swelling and convert black. " I came here to fight for us. " " You did not. There is no us. "I broke his back. Jermaine pain distorted face, and I realized I was trying not to mourn. I felt a bwhich certainly are butt naked ass in the air. I turned to Noble, who has been feeling and thinking the same. that went and found his pants and a pair of shorts and a shirt for me. I left it in , while Jermaine was not there to fight, to mourn in front of me, but is very fine. "I have nothing more to say, need to Jermaine. Go now. " N "I do not even have the opportunity to talk with you. Alone. We have much to talk about again. Can not I ? " not, and certainly not necessary, but Jermaine would not go to were talking about. I would not send precious, was entitled an here. Jermaine is not. Again I was surprised noble. "I will leave," said Noble. " No, no... " " But I know," Noble began dressing, had "heard someone who on what was happening here. If they did and reported it, I would like to explain why. " I nodded, made a good point. Noble went to the door to shoot daggers Jermaine in their wake. Jermaine looked at me and meetings of theARS began to roll. " Eric, I'm sorry. " SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Three times he struck in the face. So strong that my hand n bitten by them. "I do not want that fake ass shit, ass weak to hear," I weak, "You're only feel trapped in the ass. " " This is not true," said Jermaine, as he bites the hand cheeks. "There. If you do not call me. If the part does not answer the phone I , and known at the time I got home again, as he had acted was warm and cozy. "Jermaine was silent. I could not in the eyes n and I knew he was right. "See, I told you so. " " Eric, you do not understand... " " You're right, I do not understand. If I love you more to me have said. you do not have to cheat me. "n " I love you. I still I love you ' n "no, no, no you love me, because if I could not get \\ \\ n all this pain. " Tears rolled down my face, " You broke my heart. You tore it and broke it. I lied. You cheatedI. Showed Paradise and I have thrown me. They made me feel love again. You have I feel human again. You made me feel like a new man, and only broken. And what hurts more? Yes, I love you. I love you Jermaine. I do not want in your arms and I go every n is removed and what it was. " He smiled Jermaine and turned to me and hugged me. I did not stop him. " It can be. I can give what it was. " I shook my head :" Get rid of me, what happened? Can you forget heart, what happened? Can you give me forget the pain ? " " I can try. "Jermaine said weakly. N I left him, and saw his hands and arms to cut hand. " No, you can not. Too much has happened. None of us can and will able to forget, though we could forgive, and I 'm not there. " We stood there and cried, nor is it to maintain or comfort others. We stayed there on our own room to mourn. Noble went in. He something to say to no onehad heard, and how happy they were when We saw mourn. Not even look at Jermaine, but came directly to me, and hugged me and cried even harder. When I finished crying Jermaine was gone. Eric is fucking awesome. Punk, N, after all the drama that went with this ass Jermaine kept his appearance, he signed his book, talked to each, answered questions, gave interviews to local media and all n at the same time act as if nothing even wrong. I've kept in the type of background, as I do these things, and I saw it work. because was a highlight and a glow about him that was incredible. Not that I've never noticed , but Eric was attractive because it was something that I do not know, yet attractive to him. Jermaine was a fucking idiot. There was Eric love and he just did it to one side of a piece of ass. I liked Eric, I like how much I mean, I left the ATL, with him on his book tour n Travel Yes, we had a little sex bomb ass, but it was greatout with the fun and we spent together, either alone or in clubs or whatever. Damn, I Am I came to this black ? Suddenly, Eric looked at me and smiled n and when... man, I have this feeling of heat in my body, and funny feeling in the stomach. I wanted to keep that smile on me. felt good and felt horrible, like hell. What was scary about it? I've never had anything with another man. I mean, yeah, I joined with some brothas, n and all were, but never regularly, such a relationship. I shook his head, the relationship? Was it me? I looked at Eric, who spoke and some fans thought about what was the relationship? The image of the storm Jermaine in the room and all the drama back to me. A list of means, heart and soul on the line and is a different person. Were you prepared for that? And even if it were, is Eric man I mean, the ATL is my home, my life, I could not even think live in any part of theMy cell phone vibrates in each other and smiled when I checked the Caller ID. I smiled when I saw the infamous name there. I took a step further ear shot of others and answered the phone. "Sup Nigga! " " You Nigga, where the hell are you? " Called infamous. Damn, I have to say no him, I left the ATL. " Man, I 'm in Chicago. " " Dayum black is what it is? " Infamous said: " He lies down on Chi -Town and Ni even be called black ? " I laughed, " No, I did not think and call Everything was goin ' on what fast.. " " Oh, yeah , so to talk about. What is the problem? "I knew what I was asking me. Me and infamous were cousins ​​and all, but I do not think we have a conversation about how they are down. I mean, I knew infamous past of time to time, and knew that I got, but never spoke of it. that or even what is discussed between us and the many years done. " Whatcha mean, what 's the problem ? I'm in Chicago. " I had no intention to s information security. " Ah, then andou want to play. Aight, "Infamous said:" She is still driving the limousine for the writer or the writer you ride ? " " Nigga you crazy ", how the hell could he know what was going on? " Hey idiot, the man is everywhere in the news and talk shows and stuff. I saw your the ass in the background and the signing of a shit. I am not a stupid mofo. can " No, he was not there. n " This is the writer gets paid better than your cousin? "Asked Infamous. " Of course not. "He said it was true. " I know very well that he must leave ATL her ass. I could not bribe your ass ATL with my tour. I have to be a nigga needs. Is that good? " Immediately, I did not have this conversation with infamous. Infamous was a dog and plan a simple man. Or a woman who had shit it. Hell, if it were a snake does not move, which would also be met. "Always" in the business and do not know what 's going on. "I said. " Aight let me know. " I realized that Eric handled things and the last conversation I wants Infamous is concernedEric ng. " Hey cousin, I have to jet. 'll Call you later. " "Damn," the infamous and I thought I took a hint of an attitude. " He must be very good. " Infamous laughed, "or do what you do good. " " Infamous Bye " and hung up the phone and turned it off. I shook my head in my s, while walking back to Eric. I knew what he was talking infamous more. I have not remembered yet. It happened at a family gathering, when were both young... young people. We were at a family reunion. He was 18 years old and Infamous, Hell, was then there was the infamous Darrin, 19. Infamous / Darrin was more about the sex of any kind, he was experiencing. However, the family the meeting was in the big house and a part of Aunt Della much of the family remained with it. The ' youngins... We... in Pthc Lolitas this large room was asleep. they had done pallets on the floor for us all. There were seven children to the room n. Infamous and I am the oldest, the rest were younger and had a few were still children. Even in 19 Darrin had the sexiest body and his attitude was only damn sexy. I had always enjoyed Darrin body view, if young. When we played football I've played on the opposing team only n so that I could handle myself, and I could feel his body on me. When we play of basketball, which was the same. Anything to get some contact with him. that was just sexy. I wanted to be like him. I could do things, and was that I would like to have at that age. In any case, we all slept in this room to Aunt Delia, who was the dream s on a platform next to Infamous. Before going to bed that he increase in liquor belongings Uncle Fred and the time we were done no pain. So here I am sound asleep when I rubbed the feeling that someone s ass actually pulled my underwear. I opened my eyes to see the infamous rubbing on my ass. " Whatcha doin? " I asked in surprise. " You have a nice ass. " He said he saw me so hard that my cock shrank. Hand rubbing my ass through my underwear and I felt good. that was very good. Before I knew it, I put my underwear, so that was my ass without having to rub something between us. Her hands felt so good in my ass n. I wanted to touch it so bad, but I was scared. He took my hand and are applied directly to the tail, the thick, hard and big. She was also seen. " You want a kiss?" He asked. I shook my head at first I had some time touched the body of another man kissed a lot less than one part. but smiled and winked. "You want to know. I only kiss once and not and not have to. " I looked at him and knew he was right. I went to the roof of the pallets kissed his cock, literally. Two things happened. He squirmed and , groaned, and was what made ​​me regret that kiss over and over again. with every kiss, mourn, or you blow a little air and turned to me. " Open your mouth," he said. I opened my mouth and got his cock all are in. I choked. I hand I wanted to strangle. I closed my lips and mouth around his penis and he was fucking my mouth like a madman. I did not want a choke, so drastic measures as hard as I was able to suppress the tail is not n me. What I did, gone mad. " Ahhhh... yes they suck cock... yes... I understand. " Moaned Darrin. He tried not too high, but it was sometimes noisy. " AAAARRRGGHHH ! DAMN! AW, aaahhh !" Darrin body jerked up and down , and he tried to get my head. But it was not released. felt I 'm glad you crazy. was biting and sucking his cock, and I bit and sucked n the more savage than he had. " AAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH AHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHHH... !" Darrin made ​​so much noise must have someone who woke up and I do not care. I was always as I kept chewing and sucking. " SHIT AHHHHHH... Oooooh... ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHH... ahhhhhhhhh !" Darrin tried to force me, but as strong as he was could not. " OH GOD! AHHHHHH... STOP IT! Enough! AAAAARRRRRGGGGH ! " Darrin was asking. I could not stop. " AHHHH SHIT ! ! DAMN! OH DAMN! I-am damn "I'm damn ! " Tiro Darrin everything in my mouth and swallowed it Pthc Lolitas all. Darrin breathe strong. "Damn... damn... that... that they were killing my tail," said Darrin. I dried the mouth. The bitter taste of his mother in the mouth, but it was not so bad. that smiled. "You mean that shit. Do you have some freak in you. " was my turn for treatment. He rubbed my ass, I horny as hell and my cock was rock hard. Darrin went to rub my Fingering ass and play with my ass, I had never done before. It drove me crazy. " MMMMMMMMM," I moaned as the middle finger in my ass. I could hear that moaning and breathing heavily. I pointed out though, or fuck before that date and it hurt, but felt good. But when he felt the Vaseline and lubricated finger in the ass is much better than I then almost in ruins. " Do you like thatshit, Dontcha ? " " Yes.. yeah... yeah... " I complained. " Then you'll love this. " The next thing I knew, I rolled on my side and then pushed his great oiled ass dick in virgin ass until it was big in my tight ass. Hurt the first. he kept telling me to relax and the pain was when I replaced with joy and I was deeply in love, yes. o ' Oh! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! "I was moaning and groaning and grinding. " Psst! Be quiet... Oh yeah, that ass... nice ass... nice ass... " Darrin was proverb. that is driven cock while her ass and fuck it too. Jacking it in the ass of my s, my cock. " Yes ! Yes ! Yes... Oooh... ooh " I'm losing my mind. My body was in fire. My ass was on fire, my cock was about to explode. " Awwwwww... ARRRRRGHHHH... I-am... Ooooh god... OH GOD... "I exploded in the hands of my s, shot across the range. The way I nutted stopped moaning and Darrin felt something hot and sticky out of my ass. stayed there for what seemed like an eternity before enteringThe bathroom , showered and cleaned and returned to bed. The next morning, we have n ot even talk about it and often act as though they the past, but there were times when I take it from back to and as never really discussed. " What do you think ? " Voice Eric brought me back to the here and now. He got up and finished Pthc Lolitas ready to go. "Nothin '... just... Nothing," I lied. There was a strange smile on his face and then followed his gaze on my lap. There was a bulge in the pants that was obvious. " Whatever it was, there was nothing. " Said Eric with a smile. I returned her smile. " You will realize very soon," smiled Eric replied, "Then let's go," This story will continue. [I would like to thank all the readers of my work for your comments n to be patient. I know he has a bit since I posted, but with real life is happening and problems with the computer has a hard time about it being done. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and I'm feverishly on tthe following. Please feel free to aol free hit me wyzman34. com. Peace and Pthc Lolitas Love to you all. Michael, the writer.
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